Enterprise File Sync and Share

Syncing gets data where—and only where—it needs to be.

In the simplest terms, file sync is the replication of a file change made on a user's device to one or more users and/or their respective devices. Seems simple, right? But because these files frequently change, keeping devices and users armed with the latest version can be a challenge. And with users secretly (and sometimes not so secretly) delivering these business files to others using consumer-based tools—ones that lack necessary enterprise data security safeguards—mission-critical business information is put at risk.

But enterprises shouldn’t have to decide between data security and ease-of-use when it comes to file sync and share. Those are requirements for any enterprise application. What you need is enterprise file sync and share that is both flexible (giving enterprises a wealth of choice) and enterprise-ready. You can give employees the intuitive file sync and share capabilities they demand while ensuring your corporate information is actively managed and controlled appropriately.

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