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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your proposal estimated instead of absolute numbers?

There are always some unknown factors and variables that make it impossible to give you an absolute firm proposal “sight unseen”.

While our pricing structure will most certainly stay the same, every IT environment is different and some might require a lot more work to get to a baseline then others. If you decide to engage us as your partners the entire onboarding process will be 100% transparent.

An assessment and audit will be conducted and a technology roadmap will be presented showing you recommendations and  improvements.

What can I expect during the video call?

The first part of the call will be getting to know you a bit better. Finding out about your technology pain points, wish list, your business and a few other things. After that we’ll step through our estimated proposal based on the answers you provided in the form above and if you aren’t ready to make a decision then we’ll schedule a follow up date and time after you had a chance to think it over.

That’s it, no pressure of any kind. We’re looking to become your long term IT partners and want to make your first impression an enjoyable one.

What are the contract terms of your support plans?

We ask for a 1 year commitment.  See our Guarantee

Will I be under any obligation at all after our consultation?

No there is no obligation. After our presentation and we get all of your questions answered we’ll send you the proposal in writing and ask for a good date and time to follow up. Other then a follow up date you are under no other obligation or commitment at all.

Can I get a project estimate?

Yes! If you want to get a quote on a project such as an office move, big upgrade or some other IT project just book a session, and we'll started!

Our Outrageous Guarantee!

If in the first 60 days of doing business with us you are not happy with our services and support we’ll waive or refund any funds paid from the start of the contract.

This guarantee will be stated in writing and included in our proposal. It’s outrageous we know!