First-class data storage and productivity apps for better work efficiency

Do you want secure access to important apps and files from anywhere, using any device? Are you looking for an alternate storage space that doesn’t cost as much as buying new hardware? Is in-house server management becoming more trouble than it's worth?

NorthStar Technology Services’s Cloud Computing solutions are equipped with a myriad of features including powerful data backups, nonstop support, and access from anywhere with any device. We tailor solutions based on your business needs in terms of disaster recovery, collaboration, communication, and hosted services.

Cloud Computing from NorthStar Technology Services offer:

  • Less downtime – never stop working as our experts proactively monitor and maintain your servers
  • Simplified budgeting – pay only for the server space you need
  • Scalability – instantly upgrade software, add applications, and acquire more space when required
  • Customization – create a server setup based on your unique specifications

Our solutions work by migrating all your operations online to eliminate costs associated with buying additional storage space and hardware, excess electricity usage, and expensive software licenses. If your business could benefit from eliminating IT headaches and going green, Cloud Computing from NorthStar Technology Services is the simple solution.

By transferring your servers to the cloud, you can get rid of the physical equipment required to run smooth operations. Instead of dealing with server issues, you can focus on what really matters.