Swift assistance and routine maintenance for optimized workstations

Do you plan on outsourcing desktop assistance rather than hiring in-house staff and paying hefty overhead? Would you rather have your in-house team focus on other projects instead of addressing minor concerns?

NorthStar Technology Services technicians will manage your computers for less than half the cost of hiring an internal team. We optimize your computers through routine maintenance, software licensing and updates, cybersecurity protection, troubleshooting, and repairs. Allow your team to work without interruption with Desktop Support from NorthStar Technology Services.

With Desktop Support from NorthStar Technology Services, you get:

  • Installation and updates for your operating systems and software
  • Anti-malware support
  • Remote desktop connections
  • Recovery strategies and data backups
  • Optimization and monitoring of your desktop’s performance

Avoid recurring issues as we identify the root causes of your problems so you don’t have to deal with them again.

Businesses all over central and southern New Jersey as well as Philadelphia have depended on us to take care of their computers for years. We make sure all their desktops and laptops run optimally to avoid losing productivity.

Our Desktop Support technicians view your workstations as a crucial element to your business. That’s why we rigorously conduct routine maintenance to spot system gaps so you don’t encounter service delays.