Redundant backups for quick recovery of crucial company files

Would you rather focus on your business instead of always worrying about your data? Are you looking for a data backup program that’s easy to implement? Do you want to transition from inconvenient manual backups to a more automated system?

Data Backup Solutions by NorthStar Technology Services uses an advanced system to duplicate all server and domain data and store it offsite to enable swift data restoration when needed. We also conduct complete system recovery so you can continue operating after any disaster.

NorthStar Technology Services’s Data Backup Solutions allow you to:

  • Quickly restore operations – recovery protocols have your data and network restored and working in no time
  • Secure your business – encryption programs protect your systems, network, and data from malware
  • Prepare for the unexpected – preventive measures ensure your business gets back to exactly as it was after an emergency

NorthStar Technology Services has prepped businesses in central and southern New Jersey as well as Philadelphia for disasters through our Data Backup Solutions. We make sure you never have to face the repercussions of lost data such as paying expensive compliance penalties or getting a lawsuit from clients.

Our specialists implement powerful systems to ensure all files are updated regularly so you have nothing to worry about. Contact NorthStar Technology Services today to learn more about your options and our solutions.